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Posted 10-23-09

Does this sound like your next horse purchase?
    • Gentle, solid & sound trail horse
    • Good disposition, intelligent with the right attitude
    • Possesses the style, grace and class of a show horse
    • Safe for your significant other, your children or grandchildren
    • Naturally gaited and smooth
    • A pleasure to ride, on the beach or trails
    • Fairly and reasonably priced
    • Comes with a limited purchase guarantee
If not, your not buying from the right souce.

Specializes in providing gentle trail horses ... and to back up what we believe, see our limited purchase guarantee. Being a horse buyer himself, Terry knows what is important for a buyer. Nobody wants to be stuck with a horse they are not happy with.

Buying horses can be risky ... www.GaitedPleasureHorses.com will help you find the right horse at an affordable price, risk and worry free.

A gentle and kind horse with which you build a bond. Imagine – an incredible smooth gate that travels TWICE the distance in half the time of non-gaited horses. Imagine – riding for 6-10 hours and dismounting feeling fresh and ready to enjoy a nice evening. Ride a gaited horse once and you'll be hooked.

We sell...
Gentle & solid gaited trail horses, primarily Tennessee Walkers, Missouri Fox Trotters and Spotted Saddle Horses. We do have other breeds and crosses occasionally, check the sale list for new horses. Horses are imported from Tennessee, and are sifted before they are brought to California. A rigorous selection process brings only the best for your selection.

When Terry's friends saw what could be accomplished with a gaited horse, they had to have one for themselves. It was evident that a virtual place for a buyer to visit and view pictures of horses currently available would be helpful. Then, www.GaitedPleasureHorses.com evolved. Inventory changes rapidly, bookmark this website and check back often.

Terry follows the best of Pat Parelli, John Lyons and other proven training methods, to desensitize a horse to fearful situations. Terry has been riding/training gaited horses for over 2 decades. He also participates in competition with the horses. His training program exposes the sale horses to a variety of circumstances to include but not limited to:

    • River and creek crossings
    • Beach rides
    • Traffic, hikers & bicycles
    • Group riding, and riding alone
    • Riding point of a group, and also rear of group
    • Dog trials (including blank gunshots, birds and crowds)
    • Trail trials and other competition

Terry takes the sale horses on numerous trail rides in several parks located near the central coast of Monterey Bay, CA. They are exposed to "real world" and out of the "ring" experiences. Some of the parks would include; Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park (Santa Cruz County), Mount Madonna County Park (Santa Clara County), Henry W. Coe County Park (Santa Clara County) and several state beaches. See the links page for more equestrian friendly parks.

Limited guarantee ...
Exchange – A 30 day grace period is offered, no questions asked exchange. Just bring the horse back in the exact condition that s(he) was sold and apply the purchase price towards another. If you pick a new one that is less expensive ... the difference will be refunded.

Soundness – We guarantee the soundness of our horses. If your purchase does not pass the pre-purchase exam, your purchase price will be refunded.

You could be riding on trails like this!

Terry Zygalinski
Home (831) 728-1796
Cell (831) 818-5932

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